hqdefault#Customer Success Core Values


Our Customers matter to us and their business is valued.

The Customer Success department will ensure that our customers achieve their desired outcome through interactions with us.


We will Discover who they are and what their desired outcome is and Delight them by doing something they did not expect. The ultimate goal is to make them a CoSchedule promoter.


##We are Accurate

* It’s okay not to know – ask someone to be sure, it’s a learning opportunity for next time

* Accuracy includes completeness

* We are honest

* Use Dash for repeatable and accurate responses


##We are Friendly

* Use Customer’s first name

* Be empathetic. There’s probably a reason they don’t understand. Help them!

* Reference something unique about the customer that they shared with us.

* Pay attention to customer’s tone, style and level of formality and match those appropriately

* Work around the cruft while wearing a smile. Don’t take it personally.


##We are Direct

* Always answer the question and address it directly

* Provide the single best answer (be careful with options)


##We are Timely

* First in, First out (If your workflow says to handle a few together, go ahead – make someone’s day and reply right back to them in conversation)

* Every ticket gets a response. We respond to every ticket, unless it’s spam.

* Everyone gets a response in the first 24 hours. Even if it’s just to say we’re looking into it.


##We Delight

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.03.35 PM.png

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